Bus routes affected by the Tel Aviv public transport reform

The following changes are part of the second stage of the public transport reform in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. These changes will occur on July 1st, 2011. Please see this page for some background.

1)      The following bus routes will NOT change. Only the ticket price changes.

● “Dan” lines to Petah Tikva and Rosh Ha’ayin: 38, 49, 50, 51, 66, 82, 92, 127, 150, 166, 192, 243, 250, 251, 282, 292, 350

● “Dan” and “Egged” lines to Rishon Letziyon: 19, 83, 84, 85, 095/95, 119, 129, 163, 164, 174, 175, 192, 201, 222, 270, 272, 274, 275

● “Dan”, “Egged” and “Metropoline” lines from Tel Aviv to cities in the Sharon (Ra’anana, Kfar Sava, Hertzliyah, Hod Hasharon, Ramat Hasharon): 24, 47, 48, 90, 147, 149, 247, 501, 502, 504, 505, 521, 524, 525, 531, 551, 561, 562, 564, 565, 567, 568, 570, 572, 575.

● All of the “Kavim” lines in the Bik’at Ono Area: 36, 37, 55, 56, 59, 68, 76, 78, 168 and in Petah Tikva and Rosh Ha’ayin: 5, 7, 16, 17, 22, 23, 25, 53, 62, 87, 98, 99, 187 and more.

2)      Summary

Routes which are in the affected area but which will NOT be changing (some were already altered in Aug 2010): 4, 6, 10, 18, 25, 34, 37, 58, 63, 70, 75א (will now be called 75), 76א (will now be called 76), 125, 141.  Bnei Brak lines: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8.

The routes of these lines will change very slightly or be slightly extended: 5, 7, 12, 14, 17, 23, 31, 74א (will now be called 271), 88, 96, 140.

The routes of these lines will change somewhat but will be fairly similar to the old route:  1 (will now be called 172), 2 (will now be called 72), 3, 4 (Egged Holon line), 9, 15 (will now be called 16), 40, 43, 52, 57, 61, 62 (will now be called 161), 67, 87.

The routes of these lines will change significantly (completely new routes): 5 (Egged Holon line), 13, 16 (this replaces the old 15, and will be extended to the Carmelit Terminal), 26 (moving to Egged), 41, 42, 60, 65, 89 (moving to Dan), 143 (moving to Egged), 173 (will depart from Holon and travel on the Ayalon Freeway starting in Rishon Letziyon).

New Bus Lines: 11-Tel Aviv (no relation to the existing 11, which is cancelled), 11-Holon/Bat Yam, 22, 33, 39, 71, 99, 104, 126, 139, 142, 160, 171, 189, 204, 239, 240, 289.

Cancelled Lines: 1-Holon, 8, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 44, 45, 46, 53, 64, 73, 74 (the 74א turns into the 271 with some slight changes), 75 (the 75א which made one morning run, will now be called 75 with no change in route), 86, 86א,  87א (the 87 remains but with route changes), 90, 91, 92, 94, 96א, (the 96 remains with some slight route changes), 97, 97א.

3)      Summary of changes, by old bus line numbers

#1 Dan – will now be called 172. It will travel on Ben Yehuda instead of Dizengof in Tel Aviv. In Holon, it will travel via Henkin instead of on Shenkar St.

#1 Egged in Holon – cancelled. The new #11 will travel a similar route.

#2 Dan – will now be called 72. It will travel on Ben Yehuda instead of Dizengof in Tel Aviv. In Tel Kabir it will travel on Meir Grossman instead of on Shazar.

#3 – route change. Will now travel via Givat Hertzel and Tel Kabir (on Shazar St.) Will not stop at Wolfson Hospital. Continue on Kugel, enters Kiryat Ayalon and Kiryat Rabin but will not stop at the Technical Institute. Terminates at the Kiryat Sharet Terminal and will not enter the Industrial Area.

#3 North Tel Aviv – cancelled. #6 and #22 will replace some of its route in the north Tel Aviv area.

#4 Tel Aviv – no change.

#4 Egged Holon – route change. The bus will no longer travel via Weitzman and Sokolov, but on Ha-histadrut St. Also, the bus will now go through the Industrial Area first and then the residential neighborhoods (and not vice versa as it does now).

#5 Tel Aviv – slight route change in the Arlozorov (Merkaz) Train Station direction of travel. The route will be Yehuda Macabbi, Weitzman, Kikar Hamedina and Jabotinsky; instead of via Pinkas, Yehuda Macabbi and Namir, as before.

#5 Egged Holon – significant route change.  The line will no longer connect Holon and Bat Yam, and instead will travel from Wolfson Hospital on a route similar to the cancelled #90. Terminates in the Holon Industrial Area.

#6 – no change.

#6 Bat Yam – route change. The bus will travel via the Bat Yam Shopping Mall and the Industrial Area. The route will be extended and terminate at the Marina, not at Nissenbaum Terminal and Kiryat Babov as it does now.

#7 – slight route change in Tel Kabir. The hours of operation will be extended to midnight.

#8 – cancelled.  #10 and #125 will partially replace.

#9 – route change.  The bus will no longer travel along Yitzhak Sadeh and Carlibach Streets, and instead travel on Derech Hashalom, making stops at Azrieli Shopping Mall and the Kirya military base, before arriving to the London Mini-store Shopping Center on Ibn Gvirol and Shaul Ha-melech St., and then continuing to Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square) on the same route as before. The line then continues on Malchey Yisrael, Ben Gurion (the return trip is via Shaul Ha-melech and Frishman to Kikar Rabin), Ben Yehuda (both directions), Namal Tel Aviv (Port of Tel Aviv) and Reading Terminal.

#10 – no change.

#11 – cancelled.  The new #11 has a completely different route (see further down). The #39/139/239 and #104 will partially replace it.

#12 – will depart from Reading Terminal instead of the University Train Station. Its hour of operation will be greatly expanded, in both directions of travel.

#13 – significant changes. Will become a local line for north Tel Aviv, departing from the University Train Station and making stops in Old Ramat Aviv, Neve Avivim, Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Ezorey Hen, Sea & Sun, terminating at Kiryat Chinuch.

#14 – slight route change. Will now travel via Bugrashov instead of King George St. and with increased greatly frequency.

#15 – turns into the new #16. The bus will depart Carmelit Terminal and travel to the Hatikva neighborhood and make stops in the southeast Tel Aviv neighborhoods, along the same route as the old #16. Frequency of service will increase in comparison to the old #15, but will decrease compared to the old #16.

#16 – will now be called #204. It will depart from Reading Terminal, continue on Ben Yehuda St. and Allenby and onwards on the same route as the old #16.

#17 – will be extended to Wolfson Hospital with a stop added at Abu Kabir Jail.

#18 – no change.

#20 – cancelled.  The #142 will partially replace it, traveling from Arlozorov (Merkaz) Train Station to Atidim (no stops in Ramat Ha-hayal).

#21 – cancelled.  The #22 will run along a similar route from Reading Terminal to Atidim.

#23 – will be extended to Golomb and Reines Sts. In Givatayim, where it turns around for the return trip. The hours of operation will be extended to 22:00 (10pm).

#25/125 – no change.

#26 – moves to Egged and route change. Will depart the Egged Terminal in Holon, travel via Ramat Yosef, Wolfson Hospital, Tel Kabir and Sderot Har Tziyon, on to Derech Begin, Carlibach, Ibn Gvirol, Levi Eshkol and terminating at Kiryat Chinuch.

#27 – cancelled.  The #171/271, and to some extent #71, will replace most of this line.

#28 – cancelled.  The #289 runs along a similar route but does not make a stop at Ichilov Hospital, instead traveling on Ibn Gvirol. The bus will not enter Hadar Yosef and Ramat Ha-Hayal or the Industrial Area in north Tel Aviv (where the #189 runs).

#29 – cancelled.  The #71 will replace it and run at a much higher frequency.

#30 – cancelled.  The #39 replaces it to a certain extent but instead of traveling via Ramat Hen, the Macabbia Village and Neve Yehoshua, it will make stops at the Givatayim Shopping Mall and Kiryat Borochov.

#31 – the route will be extended to Korazin, including several stops inside that neighborhood.  The Bitzaron alternate route currently in operation is cancelled, and that route will be served by the new #104.

#32 – cancelled. The new #16 will partially replace it along the Allenby-to-southeast Tel Aviv portion of the route.  The #63 will serve the Ben Yehuda-to-Azrieli portion.

#34 – no change.

#35 – cancelled. The #139 will partially replace it in the Tel Hashomer direction but will not make stops at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Derech Hatayasim (except one area near Ort Singelovsky High School), or Ramat Hashikma.  Instead, the bus will travel via the Cinerama and Derech Hashalom in Givatayim.

#40 – route changes in Bat Yam.  The line will not long travel from the cemetery to the Bat Yam Shopping Mall, instead departing from the Marina and going directly to the “Matzevah”. In addition, the bus will no longer enter Hadar Yosef (in both directions of travel) but will travel on Shlonsky St. instead traveling via Shitrit St., and then on Shlonsky in both direction. The hours of operation will be extended to midnight.

#41 – new, circular route, running in both directions, will depart Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, continue to Florentin, Yefet St. in Yafo, Yafo Daled neighborhood, Wolfson Hospital, Tel Kabir, Kiryat Shalom and Kiryat Ha-melacha. The frequency of service will increase and the hours of operation will be extended to 22:00 (10pm).

#42 – significant route changes. From Atidim to Arlozorov (Merkaz) Train Station – no change. From the train, the route continues on Shaul Ha-melech, Rothschild and Kikar Hamoshavot instead of via Azrieli. In Bat Yam, instead of Ramat Yosef, the route will now be via Balfour and terminate at the Marina.

#43 – route change in Bat Yam and Holon. The bus will no longer travel on Mivtza Sinai St., make stops at the Bat Yam Shopping Mall or enter Ne’ot Rachel in Holon. Instead, it will travel along Kakal and Dov Hoz in Holon, and continue its current route in Tel Aviv, Givatayim and Tel Hashomer.

#44 – cancelled. No direct route will replace the connection to the Amidar neighborhood. The #41 will provide a partial replacement for the Yafo portion of the route.

#45 – cancelled. The portion of the route  between Tel Aviv University and the Arlozorov (Merkaz) Train Station will be served by #171 and #271. The portion of the route between Arlozorov Train Station and Givatayim will be served by #60 (which continues to Ramat Yitzhak, Merom Naveh and Ramat Amidar) and #160 (which continues to central Ramat Gan, central Bnei Brak and terminates in Kehilat Ya’acov). The portion of the route between Givat Shmuel and Tel Hashomer will not be served.

#46 – cancelled.  #10 and #40 will partially replace it in Yafo and Bat Yam.

#52 – increased frequency of service, extended hours of operation (to 22:00/10pm) and route changes. The bus will no longer enter the Korazin neighborhood and will travel directly to Givatayim Shopping Mall, continue to central Ramat Gan (Hertzel and Biyalik Sts., similar route as #57), and continue from Ayalon Shopping Mall through the Ramat Ha-hayal Industrial Area to Atidim.

#53 – cancelled. #60/160 will replace it in the Borochov neighborhood.

#54 – cancelled and mostly replaced by the new #240.

#57 – route change.  Departs from Winter Terminal, enters Ramat Hashikma and Ramat Hen, and the Korazin neighborhood (both directions of travel). The route will terminate at Ayalon Mall throughout the day, and will not continue on to the Industrial Area during peak hours, as it does now.

#58 – no change.

#60 – improved route. The line will reach Ramat Amidar via a direct route on Katzenelson St. in Givatayim, Yerushalayim and Etzel Sts. in Ramat Gan.

#61 – route change. In Tel Aviv, the bus will travel along Ben Yehuda instead of Dizengof and King George; and on Arlozorov in both directions (instead of on Jabotinsky in one direction and Arlozorov in the other).  In Ramat Gan, it will reach Kikar Ordea and the northern end of Ha’roeh St., turn on Derech Negba, and continue to Ramat Amidar via Ben Eliezer and Etsel Sts. The route will no longer include Hayarden St. but Ramat Gan College will still be served by a stop on the corner of Ben Eliezer and Etsel.

#62 – will now be called #161. Like the #61, it will travel along Ben Yehuda and Arlozorov (both directions of travel) instead of on King George and Dizengof.

#63 – no change.

#64 – cancelled.  The #70 will continue running along a similar route from Arlozorv (Merkaz) Train Station to the Tel Hashomer Terminal (but not including a stop at the Tel Hashomer hospital).

#65 – new route. Departs Ayalon Shopping Mall, travel via Abba Hillel, Arlozorov (Ramat Gan), Hertzel, Yerushalayim and continues on the route of the old #67 in Tel Yehuda and Kiryat Borochov. Will then enter Neve Yehoshua and continue to the Aluf Sadeh terminal and Tel Hashomer.

#67 – route change. Will travel on Hertzel, instead of Katzenelson in Givatyaim, and via Ben Eliezen St. and Ramat Gan College instead of entering Kiryat Borochov. On mornings and afternoons during the school year, the route will run via Blich High School.

#70 – no change.

#72 – cancelled.  The #161 replaces the Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak portion of the route.

#73 – cancelled.  Significant portions of the route will be served by the new #71.  However, this new route will travel via Kiryat Rabin instead of the Jessie Cohen neighborhood, will not makes stops at Kiryat Shalom and Kiryat Ha-melacha (instead, will travel direct via Ha-hagana Train Station) and continue to Arlozorov (Merkaz) Train Station to Seminar Hakibutzim, Shikun Lamed and Ezorey Hen.

#74/74א – the current 74 will be cancelled.  The 74א will now be called 271 and will travel along an almost identical route but will not enter Ramat Aviv, instead making several stops at Tel Aviv University, but not including Antin Square.

#75/75א – the old #75, which made one trip a day will be cancelled. The 75א will now be called 75 and its route and hours of operation remain the same (as the 75א).

#76א – will now be called #76. No other changes.

#86 – cancelled.  No real replacement has been introduced for this line, except the #26, which will replace the portion inside Bat Yam.

#87 – the route will be shortened and end at the Bat Yam Marina instead of the Egged Terminal in Holon. Also cancelled is the 87א morning route.

#88 – very slight route change in central Holon in one direction of travel. On the way to the Carmelit, the bus will travel via Henkin St. instead of Homa U’migdal and Shenkar St.

#89 – moves to Dan and splits into three lines: #89, #189 and #289.

The new #89 will depart the Kiryat Sharet Terminal via Yamit 2000 water park and Holon Shopping Mall, continue along the shared route (of these three lines – see below) to Ganei Ha-ta’arucha (convention center) and on to Atidim via Bnei Efraim and Shlonsky Sts.

The #189 will depart the Kiryat Sharet Terminal, enter the Industrial Area before heading to Yerushalayim St., but will not enter Neve Arazim.  The bus will continue via Tzomet Holon (Holon Junction), Sderot Har Tziyon, Carlibach and Ibn Gvirol, and then continue along Sderot Rokach, to the Industrial Area, Wallenberg and Kiryat Atidim.

The third branch of this trio, the #289 will depart Azur and continue via Neve Arazim, Sokolov and on to the shared portion of the route. It will then branch off at the entrance to the Ramat Ha-hayal Industrial Area and travel along Mishmar Hayarden in Shikun Dan, to Atidim.

Additionally, all three “89” lines will now travel on Har Tziyon instead of reaching the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

#90 – cancelled. The portion of the route from Tel Giborim to Kiryat Sharet will be served by the new #5 Holon route.

#91 – the once-a-day trip made by this bus is cancelled.

#92 – cancelled and part of the route will become the new #126.

#94  – the once-a-day trip made by this bus is cancelled.

#96 – will travel via Har Tziyon instead of Kiryat Ha-melacha. #96א is cancelled.

#97/97א – cancelled. The new #89 replaces part of these routes.

#140 – no change.

#141 – no change in route but there will be only two trips a day in each direction instead of three.

#143 – significant changes to the route and move to Egged.  The bus will depart Nissenbaum Terminal, continue to the Bat Yam Marina and Balfur, skip over Ramat Yosef by traveling along Yerushalayim St., and continue to Holon via Dov Hoz St. (no stops at Bat Yam Mall and Ne’ot Rachel). In Holon the route will take Sokolov St. along its entire length, Neve Arazim and continue to Azur via the Holon Industrial Area. The route continues to Bar Ilan University and Tel Hashomer but will not make a stop at the Aluf Sadeh Terminal.

#173 – this line is technically not part of the reorganization’s second stage starting July 1, 2011 but beginning on that date the line will no longer serve Holon. Instead, the bus will depart from the Moshe Dayan Junction and travel on the Ayalon Freeway to Wolfson Interchange, where it will continue its current route. The Holon portion of the #173 will be served mostly by the #171, which will skip over Kiryat Ha-melacha and travel via Ha-hagana Train Station to Tel Aviv University and terminate in Ezorey Hen.

Bnei Brak bus lines – all routes (#1,# 2, #3, #5, #6, #8 and #18) remain unchanged, except #7 which route will be shortened to Kehilat Ya’acov and will no longer reach Givat Shmuel and Tel Hashomer Hospital. The #7 line’s frequency of service will increase.

4)      New Bus Routes

#11 – a new circular route designed to connect several areas in Gush Dan and provide transportation along different portions of its route.  Departs Carmelit Terminal and continues on Koyfman (Kaufman), Sderot Yerushalayim in Yafo, Derech Ben Tzvi, Ayalon Freeway to Kibbutz Galuyot Interchange, Lehi, Derech Haim Bar Lev, Moshe Dayan, Aliyat Ha-no’ar, Arvey Nachal, enters Ramat Gan – Begin (Diamond Exchange), and on to Tel Aviv – Harav Goren, Pinkas, Ibn Gvirol, NOrdeau, Hayarkon, Hata’arucha and Reading Terminal.

#22 – new internal line connecting the neighborhoods of north Tel Aviv. Departs Reading Terminal and continues on Sderot Rokach, Bnei Efraim, Hadar Yosef, Kehilat Varsha, Kehilat Yassi (on the return trip via Yad Ha-ma’avir and Shalom Esh), Pinchas Rosen, Moshe Sneh, Tzomet Hapil, Hamashtela neighborhood, back to Moshe Sneh, Tzahal, Dvorah Ha-nevia, Neve Sharet neighborhood, back to Dvorah Ha-nevia, Wallenberg, Mivtza Kadesh and terminating at the Ayalon Shopping Mall.

#33 – a new circular line connecting Ramat Gan to north Tel Aviv, including the University. Departs Winter Terminal and continues on Derech Ha-tayasim, Azriel St. (not Azrieli Mall), Yahadut Philadelphia, San Martin, Bernstein (Hamacabia Village), Aluf Sadeh, Derech Rabin, Ha’roeh, Derech Ben Gurion, Sheshet Hayamim, Mivtza Kadesh and on to Tel Aviv – Pinchas Rosen, Shlonsky, Kakal, Haim Levanon (Tel Aviv University), Einstein, Derech Namir, Shai Agnon, Ibn Gvirol and Reading Terminal.

#39/139/239 – a new three-pronged route to southeast Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.  All three lines depart Reading Terminal, continue on Dizengof, Sderot Ben Tziyon, Carlibach, Yitzhak Sadeh, and Moshe Dayan. From there they split:

      #39 continues to La Guardia, Derech Hatayasim, Derech Hashalom, enters Givatayim –  Hama’avak (Givatayim Shopping Mall), Derech Rabin and on to Ramat Gan – Moshe Dayan, Hayarden, Negba, Ben Eliezer, Etzel and Ramat Amidar Terminal.

      #139 continues to La Guardia, Derech Hatayasim, Derech Hashalom, Aluf Sadeh, Derech Sheba and Sheba Hospital. Right now, the bus does not enter Tel Hashomer military base but this might change.

      #239 continues on Moshe Dayan, Derech Bar Lev, Sheshet Hayamim, Machal and Hatayasim Terminal.

#104 – new route, part of the #4/104/204 route grouping. Follows the same route as #4 to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station and continues on Derech Ha-hagana, Yigal Alon, Yitzhak Sadeh, Moshe Dayan, La Guardia, Derech Hatayasim, Oded, Aluf Sadeh, Korazin (Givatayim).

#126 – “sister” line of the #26. Departs Hazahav Shopping Mall in Rishon Letziyon and continues on Saharov and Lishansky, enters Holon – Derech Ben Gurion, Aharonovich, Hoffien, Eilat, Ha-ma’apilim (does not enter Tel Giborim), Ha-lohamim, enters Tel Aviv – Tel Giborim, Lavon, Har Tziyon, Carlibach, Ibn Gvirol, Yehuda Macabbi, Namir, Haim Levanon, Reading, Brodetzky, Einstein, Levanon, Recanati, Ahimeir, Shlomo Ben Yosef.  Up to and including September 30, the line will continue to Ezorey Hen. Starting October 1, the line reroutes to the University and University Train Station (similar to the cancelled #27).

#142 – “sister” line of the #42. Departs Atidim Terminal, and continues on Wallenberg where it merges onto the route of #42 (which now travels on Sderot Rothschild), and makes stops on Katzenelson and Nissenbaum in Bat Yam.

#171 – Departs from the Egged Terminal in Holon, continues into the Jessie Cohen neighborhood, Eilat St., Ha-ma’apilim (does not enter Tel Giborim), Ha-lohamim, Levi Eshkol, Holon Junction, Holtz Junction, Ha-hagana Train Station, Hamasger, Derech Begin, Derech Namir, Haim Levanon, Reading, Brodetzky, Einstein, Levanon (Kikar Antin), Kakal, Propes, Kdoshey Ha-shoah.

#2 Egged Holon – a new line connecting Hazahav Shopping Mall in Rishon Letziyon to the Kiryat Sharet Terminal, via central Holon and the Holon Industrial Area. Starts in the shopping mall area of Rishon Letziyon, Lishansky, enters Holon – Ben Gurion, enters the Jessie Cohen neighborhood, Eilat, Hoffien, Henkin, Ha-Histadrut, Weitzman, Kugel, Mikve Yisrael, Shenkar, Jabotinsky, Krause, Sokolov, Yerushalayim, ha-Nevi’im, Dvorah Ha-Nevia, (via Yirmiyahu on the return trip), Hamashbir, Hamelacha, Moshe Sharet, Mifratz Shlomo and Kiryat Sharet Terminal.

#99 Holon – a new and direct line connecting Bat Yam and Azur, via Holon. Departing Bat Yam – Derech Ben Gurion (hatayelet – the boardwalk), Yoseftal, enters Holon – Yoseftal, Hoffien, Golda Meir, Alufey Tzahal, Hamelacha, enters Azur – Derech Hashiva, Kaplan, and Shpinoza Terminal.

  1. If I want to go from north tel aviv to the flea market in yaffo, which bus/es do I take now that number 25 no longer goes their directly?

    • What exact place do yo want to go from? The only route coming to flea market itself is the 10 route from Arlozorov, Bloch, Ben Gurion. Ben Yehuda and the sea promenade. The 18 route has had the route of 25 in the sea area since August 2010. There are many buses passing via Yerushalaim blvd. close to Old Yafo.

  2. because of change in bus 31 , i am now using my car only to go to tel aviv

    • Bus 31's route has been changed since August 5th. Is it possible you can use it again? and if not, What are your Origin point and destination? We can try to build you an alternate route

  3. which otobus should i take if i wanna go to 18 bnei dan st. tel aviv, when im coming from bat yam?

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